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If you have news to share with the family, e-mail Darlene at and I'll be happy to include it!


Congratulations to Resa Evans, daughter of Richard Evans (son of late elder Herman Evans) who graduated from Linden McKinley High School with the class of 2010!

Resa and her dad, Richard

Congratulations to Angie Lewis daughter of Patricia (Patsy) Lewis (from the lineage of the late elder Inease Perry) on her graduation from Strayer University, Baltimore, Maryland, December 5, 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration! Big UPS to you Angie, we're proud of you!

Above: Patsy and Angie

Keisha Canada, granddaughter of Lillie Canada, daughter of Annette Gore will complete her Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration in March 2011 hat American Intercontinental University and will enter the Accelerated Honors Master Degree program in March 2011.

Darelle Canada, great grandson of Lillie Canada and son of Kiesha Canada is graduated from 8th grade Friday, June 18th and will be attending Patapsco School for Performing Arts in Dundalk, MD. He will attend the Honors Program there! Congratulations Darelle, you are representing!

Gianni Buchanan, great grandson of Lillie Canada and son of Kiesha Cnada will begin pre-school in Fall 2009. Gianni also swings a mean baseball bat and he can throw a ball like the major leaguers! Watch out for him in the years to come!

Congratulations to Richard Evans, II (grandson of elder, the late Herman Evans, and son of Richard Evans) who will graduate Saturday, June 6, 2009 from Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, OH, where he is a member of the Marching Band. Richard II, received a Music Scholarship and will be attending Kentucky State University.

Richard will not be able to attend the 2009 family reunion due to time constraints related to his college enrollment. He will be in the process of band camp and freshman orientation! Holla' at ya' boy via the family website and post your congrats, well wishes, and encouraging words! Keep up the good work Richard, you're doing us proud!

Gianni Buchanan, great grandson of Lillie Canada and son of Kiesha Cnada will begin pre-school in Fall 2009. Gianni also swings a mean baseball bat and he can throw a ball like the major leaguers! Watch out for him in the years to come!

The family is proud to acknowledge Frank Thurston who is a 2009 high school graduate! Frank is the grandson of the late Elder Cleopatra Jones and son of Rhonda Dean.

Let's hear it for Barbara Catus (daughter of the late elder Inease Perry) who graduated Sunday, May 31, 2009 from Walden University with a Master's Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on Health Services.

Brandon Hammond (grandson of elder Edith Jones and son of William & Bettyanne Hammond) graduated May 10, 2009 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Minds and Technology. He will take the oath of office to join the U.S. Air Force. ON June 9th he will depart to Maxwell Air Force Base to attend Basic Officer Training School (BOTS) afterwhich be commissioned as an officer and continue his career in the USAF. Props to Brandon for an awesome achievement!

Elder Roger Evans is a proud father whose baby girl, Corinne is graduating from High School on May 31, 2008. Corrine is also a new bride. Additionally, Roger is a great grandfather! His grandson, Dahlen just welcomed the fourth generation of male lineage for Roger's line of children.

News Archives

Please pray for Irma Anderson (daughter of Lillie Canada) in the passing of her husband Jimmie Anderson. Jimmie succumbed Thursday, July 8th. Information regarding funeral arrangements will be posted as soon as they are available. May the fervent, effectual prayers of the righteous avail on her behalf for comfort and peace during this time of loss.

Check out Shirl Lowery (granddaughter of the late Louise Canada) who is a touring Gospel Rap Artist who goes by the psuedo name "Virtuous". She is awesomely anointed! She currently has a CD available entitled "Repairing the Breach" and a new album being released soon entitled "The Illuminator". Check out her website at

Check out cousin Nate Canada (son of the late elder Louise Canada) in the following video by Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir Feat. Marvin Sapp "God Favored Me".

Visit and listen to cousin, Beverly Whiteside (daughter of the late elder Louise Canada) singing "That's Why I Love You"! :) Our family is so talented!

M. Darlene Carson's production of Saints&Aints - February 27, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

We mourn the loss of Elder Louise Canada, who passed on Friday, February 6, 2010. Funeral arrangements have been finalized and scheduled for Friday, February 12, 2010. The family will receive visitors at Love Fellowship Tabernacle from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and the Celebration of Life will be held immediately afterward. Resolutions and floral arrangements may be sent to the church located at 5918 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem, PA 19020. Keep the family in your prayers.

Missy Ev

Missy Evans, daughter of the late Herman Evans was killed today (11/26/09) in a fatal motorcycle accident. Please keep the family in your prayers. More information will be available regarding funeral arrangements and will be posted. The family is accepting donations to assist with the funeral and burial. Please contact Doll for info regarding where to forward your love gifts. Funeral services will be held Saturday, December 5, 2009, 1:00 p.m. at Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, Columbus, OH.

You may paste the attached link in your web browser for the article on Channel 10 TV, Columbus, OH.

Congratulations to Nate and Ann Canada (Elder Louise Canada's son and daughter-in-law) who have been blessed by the adoption of Jazmin 10 and Pralor 6.

Career Tracks

Ms. Veronica Coats Leath is a proud new business owner in Beckley, WV. Veronica (granddaughter of the late Cleopatra Jones) has opened her own Hair Salon called "Final Phase" on Eisenhower Drive. The Final Phase specializes in creating unique hair styles to leave you the envy of the community. Way to go! We're proud of you


James Jones, Jr. (grandson of Elder Cleopatra and son of James & Delena Jones) performs as Bass Guitarist in the "Gullah Groove Band" in Columbia, SC. Check him out at the Pure Ultra Lounge at Columbia & Gullah Bistro, 14 Berry Hill Road, if you are ever in the area!

Check Out Our Family! Sheila Frye, granddaughter of our eldest elder Lillie Canada and daughter of Leon Cheese. Sheila is a 10 year teaching veteran who teaches Language Arts at Mt. Hebron Suburban School in Montclair, NJ. Sheila's Language Arts Class won the 2008 Sholastic Art and Writing Gold Key Award, Region-At-Large Division. Read the article in the Montclair Public School News by clicking this link -


She ain't no Tyler Perry, but uhhhhhhh.......

The family is invited to the riveting and moving production of M. Darlene Carson's "A Wing and A Prayer" which will be held on April 17th. The production, written by "Doll" will be offered to the community FREE through grants provided by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and the Greater Columbus Arts Council Neighborhood Arts Project. Make it a "Family Affair" and plan to be in Columbus, OH to see this humorous but moving production about a woman whose mission it is to save her family from succumbing to fatal disease and bad health.Visit for more info!

Proud Mom Norma Perry & Officer Scott Perry

Scott Perry graduated from the West Virginia State Police Academy on May 2, 2008! Congratulations, Scotty! We are so proud of you! Please, keep Scotty in prayer that God's guardian angels encamp about him to protect him from all hurt harm and danger! AMEN! It is done!

Jeffrey Perry (Norma Perry's son) is enlisted in the U.S. Navy and received top honors in the first month of service.

Tamara Perry (Naomi Lee's daughter) is in a Management Position at the Arby's Restaurant. She is presently pursuing training for a higher position in one month. (I'm thinking Arby's)


Tawna Shanice is the daughter of Rhonda Dean (Elder Cleopatra and Uncle Junior's granddaughter). Look for the above book she penned in bookstores now!

Naomi Perry-Lee is listed on in the Library of Poets. Check out the site and enjoy some of her master poetry pieces!


Great News! Our family is still growing....Mr. and Mrs. Charles & Donita (daughter of the late Phillip & Cleopatra Jones) Beard are the proud parents of a new daughter! Tiera Alyse Beard is 7 years old. Welcome to the family Tiera!


Congratulations to Robert Hammond and Jennifer Heezen on their nuptials October 4, 2008. Welcome to the family Jennifer -- much love and blessings in your marriage. (Robert is the son of William and Bettyanne Hammond)

Congratulations to Irma Hoskins, daughter of Elder Lillie Canada, who married her friend Jimmie Anderson on May 3rd! We wish Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Anderson a blessed and joyous union!

Best Wishes for a Happy Marriage to Joey and Shaqueta Canada, married February 23, 2008. Joey is the son of Sandra Canada and grandson of Elder, Louise Canada.

Brandon Hammond, son of William "Bill" Hammond

and Bettyanne Hammond, and his wife Murela are expecting their first baby! We'll keep you posted when their little one is finally here!

Birthday Wishes

We wish family members who are celebrating birthdays a blessed and prosperous year! "May happy surprises come to you each day, and may you look with wonder at that which is

before you!

Welcome to the Family!!

Let's welcome KeMar Ethan Windley/Jones to the family. He was born on February 2, 2010 to Michael Jones, Jr. who is the son of Michael Jones (son of late elder Cleopatra Jones). KeMar weighed 6 lbs, 14 oz. and is as handsome as Dad and Grandpa!

Sensational Students

Shay Jones (daughter of James and Delena Jones) graduated in December and is now employed as a Medical Assistant. Congratulations, Shay! You make us proud! (Charleston, WV)

Brandon Hammond (son of Bill Hammond) is a student at South Dakota School of Minds and Technology. He will graduate May 9, 2009 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He will take the oath of office to join the U.S. Air Force and June 9th leave for Maxwell Air Force Base to attend Basic Officer Training School (BOTS) afterwhich, be commissioned an officer to begin his career in the U.S. Air Force.

Robert Hammond (son of Bill Hammond) earned certification as an (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician from Pennington County, South Dakota during the summer.

Tiffany Loeffler (daughter of Bill Hammond) has completed her studies and has accomplished her goal to become a Licensed Mortgage Broker in Rapid City, SD

Milaan Colvin (daughter of Gigi) is fifth grader at Stratton Elementary School and has been appointed to serve as a Peer Leader....and made Honor Roll! Go Milaan! We're proud of you!

Deitra "Dee Dee" Colvin (daughter of Gigi) achieved Honor Roll status at Stratton Elementary School this semester! Keep it up, Dee Dee!

Kiesha Canada's oldest son Darelle Canada (Lillie Canada's great grandson), made student of the month and is an honor roll student. He is also the Lead Trumpet player in his school band.

Way to go, Alyea Canada! Alyea holds a 3.8 grade point average and attends the University of Rochester in New York! She is the daughter of Lynn (Skeetah) Canada and the granddaughter of senior elder Lillie Canada! Way to represent, Alyea! Your family is behind you 100%!

ey, Everyone! Check Out Photos of the trip to Philadelphia! Keep Auntie Louise in your prayers!

Beverly - Auntie Louise's daughter

Aunt Edith, Nate and Sandra (Auntie Louise's Daughter) + Aunt Edith and Sandra

Nate, Aunt Louise, Aunt Edith

Aunt Louise, Aunt Edith

Nate, Jr. and his lady Diane -- Cousin Sheri'

Nate and Ann's daughter Ivy on the telephone

Bev's husband Paul -- Gigi and Angie (Doll's Daughters)

Ann, Nate Jr., Diane -- Nate's Daughter Amber and Ann's Grandma

Princess - R.I.P.

While in Pennsylvania, Nate's niece's hamster Princess passed. The family had a memorial service for Princess with music, message and high emotion just because Princess was part of the family.

The Evans 2007 Reunion was a Stone Cold Blast!

The Evans family of West Virginia has been holding a biennial family reunion every other year since 2001. While we continue to learn and make mistakes, the work has helped to create the kind of family that is seldom seen today. Our reunions have helped maintain a strong family bond across several generations and among families separated by many miles.

If you weren't there, You Missed It!

The Evans Family Reunion was held as scheduled in Beckley, WV. Family members traveled from as close as down the street and from as far away as South Dakota. We had a great time and we have the photos to prove it! Just check out the 2007 Reunion Gallery Page.

Friday Night - Fish Fry, August 10th. This event took place at Aunt Edith's house in Beckley, WV. Doll, Janine, Scotty and David doubled as hosts and cooks. Lorenzo hooked up the DJ sounds and played an awesome array of music to please the old and the young. The menu included whiting fish, fresh croaker, catfish, and bass, squirrel (yes, grilled squirrel), brats, cole slaw, hot dogs, and an assortment of drinks. It was great to see all who attended, especially those who came to the reunion for the first time! First timers included: Wandell Cheese, Junior Perry, "Baby Jim" or James Cheese, Cynthia Evans, Eddie Evans, hmmmm, did I miss anyone? Probably. But count it to the head and not the heart! For many of us this was our first time meeting our cousins who had been away from home for so many years!

The Evans Family Memorial honoring those who have passed was a moving ceremony. A prayer was lead by Minister Nate Canada as the family stood, holding hands in a circle surrounding the "evergreen tree" that would be planted as a living memorial of our descendants. Elder Roger Evans eloquently spoke regarding the tree's significance with its roots which represent those who were the foundation of the Evans family that have passed on and the branches that represent each of us. He imparted to everyone the necessity of staying connected, growing together, and carrying on the legacy that started at the root of the family and that will continue through our children. He so named the memorial "The Evans Tree of Life". He asked that everyone come to Aunt Edith's backyard where the tree will grow and find solace and reminisce with this tree that has been planted as a memorial to our family that has passed on. After his memorial words, Cousin Naomi Perry sang a moving rendition "Somewhere Around the Throne" as the tree was planted in its place and the eldest and youngest of each family put a shovel of dirt at the base of the tree to symbolically share in the planting of the the Memorial Tree. The ceremony culminated by calling out the names of family members who have passed. Photos of this ceremony will be shared soon.

Saturday - Cookout, August 11th. Okay, truth be told, everyone actually had a free morning to hang out and do whatever. Some people hung out at the hotel, others went shopping, and a few slept in. I was in the up and at 'em group along with Janine, James, Janet, and Cathy -- making sure that everything was in place and ready for the day! The Evans Boys rolled in with their motorcycle club, the "Saddle Tramps"! And, my did they come in full force! By noon, the cook out had started and smiles, hugs, conversations and memories were the order of the day. There was so much food, steak, ribs, prime rib roast, squirrel again, bratwursts, pork chops, hot dogs, hamburgers, cabbage, green beans, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, pasta salad, crab salad, corn bread, and you name it! Everyone was starving, so Cousin Doll welcomed everyone and acknowledged the elders and those who had came from far and near. Elder Roger Evans presented a token of appreciation to Cousin Doll that was given by the family for her efforts in bringing the family together. By then, the natives were getting restless, people were ready to eat, a family blessing was prayed by Eddie Evans, and the family proceeded to get their eat on.

Next came the family photos! There were sooooo many family members there (thank you God!), that it was kinda hard tearing people away from their food and conversations, but thankfully we had patient photographers! Here are photos of each clan that was represented.

Aunt Lillie's Clan

Aunt Edith's Clan

Uncle Norman's Clan

Uncle Herman's Clan

Aunt Inease's Clan

Aunt Patra's Clan

Aunt Louise's Clan

The family attendance trophy won by Aunt Lillie's clan in 2005 was taken by Uncle Herman's clan with 39 attendees. Check out the photo below. Cousin Charles Cheese poked fun noting that perhaps they only won because they picked up strangers along the way! Aunt Lillie's eldest son, Wandell "Sonny" handed over the trophy reluctantly but not without a challenge for the 2009 trophy.

The 2007 Attendance Trophy relinquished from the Lillie Canada clan to the Herman Evans clan

Wandell "Sonny" Cheese and Roger Evans

The Family Talent Show consisted of two (2) categories: Youth and Adult. The judges were: Janine, Jimmie and Veronica. The Youth Talent Show had two (2) competitors from the Herman Evans clan, they were Linnease and Lorenzo. Linnease won a $10 cash prize. The competition was tough but judges deliberated and Linnease won for her contemporary dance styles. Check out the video excerpt below:

Linnease won 1st Place for the above Contemporary Dance Rendition

The Adult Talent competition was musical, with each contestant using their singing talent to compete for the coveted trophy. Entrants included: Nate Canada, the Evans Brothers, and the Perry Family. Wow, can our family harmonize and 'sang'! This deliberation was the hardest, so hard in fact that the judges turned the decision making over to the family to be determined by the applause of reunion attendees. The trophy was confirmed and awarded based upon applause to the Perry Family.

All and all, the 2007 family reunion was WONDERFUL! Let us commend the Reunion Committee for a job well done. We had a great time and all look forward to the 2009 gathering. Registrations were up this year and everyone who contributed, we thank you immensely. We have been able to reserve and pay for the New River Park Shelter for the next reunion. We came out in the black this year with a total of approximately $650.

Please begin now to send in your 2009 registration fees so that we can be more efficient in bringing our family an event that is done in excellence! Designate a representative of your clan to be responsible for spreading the word and collecting money to be sent in as soon as possible! God bless you! We love you!

Keep checking back for more excerpts of the 2007 Family Reunion.

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