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She Did It!

Tamika Danielle Amar, granddaughter of our late Elder Inease Perry and daughter of Barbara Perry Amar graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Strayer University.

Tamika accomplished this fete while working a full-time job during the day and studying diligently nights and weekends. Her work ethic and commitment is commendable and is an example for all of our young family members that you can succeed if you want to!

We are proud that our family has another "world changer" in our midst! Congratulations, Tamika!

Evans Family Scholars and Graduates


BIG UPS to Darelle Canada who was nominated by his teacher as a student ambassador. The Student Ambassador program is only available to 9-12 grade Honor Students

Darelle is a 9th grade student at Patapsco High Center of Performing Arts. The selection as a Student Ambassador will afford him the opportunity to spend the summer in England, France and Germany at no cost!

Darelle is a 9th grade student at Patapsco High Center of Performing Arts. He is the great grandson of Elder Lillie Canada, grandson of Annette Canada, and son of Kiesha Canada. Congratulations, Darelle! Representing the Evans Lineage around the world!

College Bound!


Daryia Carson, granddaughter of Elder Edith M. Jones and daughter of Darrell and Darlene Carson received acceptance into Otterbein University, Westerville, OH for the 2011-2012 academic year and was awarded the Otterbein Merit Scholarship and the Ammons-Thomas Award which totaled $11,000.

Daryia is a senior at Marion Franklin High School where she is an honor student (3.7 GPA) and a member of the Marionettes Drill Team. We're proud of Daryia's bright future!



Whoot! Whoot! for Shanelle Dantzler, great granddaughter of Elder Lillie Canada, granddaughter of Irma Anderson, and daughter of Donna Dantzler! She is a 2010 high school graduate who is attending the Community College of Maryland as a Freshman. She is studying to become a Forensic Scientist! "CSI" in the family! Make it do what it do, Shanelle! You're doing us proud!


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