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The Lineage of Edgar Evans and Ida Mildred Evans

Louise Vasti Canada? April 13, 1928

Edith Marie Jones?July 28, 1931


"Aunt Lillie"

Lillie Emma Jane Canada

Born: January 27, 1920

Place of Birth: Meadpoke, West Virginia

Resides: Scarbro, West Virginia

Children: Fifteen (15) Wandell Cheese, Frankie Cheese, Charles Cheese, Leon Cheese, James Cheese, Joyce Cheese, Gloria Cheese, Irma Hoskins, Andrew Canada, Jr., Stuart Canada, Donna Canada, Lynn Canada, Donald Canada, Janet Canada, Annette Canada

Lillie Canada was born in Meadpoke, WV as the fifth child born to Ida and Edgar Evans and the second eldest girl. She was twice married (the late Hoover Cheese and the late Andrew Canda) and through both unions she was blessed with fifteen children.

Aunt Lillies as she is known to her many nieces and nephews has the unique ability to keep those around her laughing with her upbeat personality and quick witted sense of humor.

"Uncle Norman"

Norman Evans

Born: March 7, 1926

Resides: Louisville, NC

Place of Birth: Sun, West Virginia


Children: Nine (9) Carlos Richardson (D), John Lee Richardson, Ronald Richardson, Dwight Richardson, Diane Hite, Barbara Ann Hite, Robert Hite, Tracey Hite, Myron Hite

Norman Evans was the youngest male child born to Edgar and Ida Evans. As a young man, he left Sun, West Virginia moving northward to Charleston, WV where he worked in the hotel industry. Later he move to Cincinnati, Oh where he settled and eventually met and married his wife Ramona.

He is a plumber by profession and an accomplished bass guitarist, although he has not played for some time. Uncle Norman enjoys listening to good old gospel music and served as a trustee at the Church of God Militant Pillar Ground and Truth under the pastorate of Bishop James Price. He now resides in Louisville, NC.

"Aunt Edith"

Edith Marie Jones

Edith M. Jones

Born: July 28, 1931

Place of Birth: Sun, West Virginia

Resides: Beckley, West Virginia

Children: Two (2) William (Bill) Luther Hammond, Mildred Darlene Carson

Affectionately known within the Evans Family as “Aunt Edith”. She is a songstress who has shared and blessed many with her melodious voice for years. She sang with the Friendly Five, The Voices of Inspiration and many other groups around Fayette and Raleigh counties.

Aunt Edith is the baby girl of the Evans bunch and has been described to be most like Momma Ida with her witty sense of humor and feisty side. Through the years she has worked as a beautician, seamstress and a dietary helper who retired from Appalachian Regional Hospital after 30 years of service. She presently serves as a Board Trustee and Deaconess President at the Apostolic Lighthouse Deliverance Temple.

Passing the Torch

At the 2005 Evans Family Reunion, the Herman Evans Family Medallion was passed to his eldest son Roger Evans by the oldest living elder within the Evans Family, Lillie Canada. This ceremonial passing of the torch of heritage and tradition was witnessed by approximately 60 Evans family members. This tradition places Roger Evans as a family elder in the position of his father Herman Evans.

The Structure of the Evans Family

Each child of Ida Mildred and Edgar Calvin Evans is representative of a 3rd generation “blood line” within the Evans family heritage. These blood lines are numbered based upon their birth position and are assigned a color.

The number and color assignment will help the family historians as we begin to compile information and build the family tree. It will also help those who do not know each other identify who’s who when we are all gathered together.

The structure is as follows:

ELDER NAME                       CLAN NO.                         COLOR

1. Louis Evans (D)                           1                                     Black

2. Inease Perry (D)                          2                                     Orange

3. Lorenzo Evans (D)                       3                                     Gold

4. Herman Evans                              4                                     Red

5. Lillie Canada                                5                                     Yellow

6. Cleopatra Jones (D)                     6                                     Blue

7. Norman Evans                             7                                      Purple

8. Louise Canada                             8                                     Gray

9. Edith M. Jones                             9                                     Green

Each living child of Momma and Poppa are elders within the family.

The eldest child within each 4th generation clan is responsible to ensure that all children and grandchildren within the family know who the elders are.


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