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Please applaud the efforts of the Evans Family Reunion Planning Committee! Throughout the year, this group of people are an integral part of the success of the Reunion. There is a need for Committee Chairs and Committee members. We hope that you will assist in filling the gaps where needed.

Evans Family Planning Committee

M. Darlene Carson, Coordinator

Janet Canada, Treasurer

Lawrence Evans, Historian

Barbara Perry-Catus

Irma Hoskins

Donita Beard

Janine Colvin

James Jones

Nate Canada

Overview of 2007 Reunion Assistance that is needed. The Family Funds will provide for the base menu throughout the weekend:

Food Prep. Assistance cleaning chicken and greens for Saturday's event.

Activities. Tamika Moore is Youth Activities Coordinator. She will need volunteers to assist with these activities. Does anyone have a volleyball net, badminton games, uno cards, game ideas so that we can keep the kids involved?

Registration Table. There will be a registration table at all events. Need assistance preparing the registration bags, ensure everyone sign the address book, answer questions re: events.

Event Set-Ups. Each day, someone will need to assist with set-up of the event based upon what's happening that particular day.

Music. Lorenzo Evans will bring his music to D.J. for the events; may need assistance with set up.

Need volunteer to facilitate the contests. (i.e. dessert competition, talent show) Rules will be prepared and given to the facilitator.

Photography. Someone needed to take photographs for the Evans Family Reunion History Book. Film can be supplied by Family Fund. Generational, clan and elder photos are must haves.

Videography. This would be nice. Don't know if it's realistic.

Elder Attention. Someone needs to be assigned to ensure that Elders have what they want when they want it. They will need to be served. If they want to go somewhere, do something, have something....we need to make it happen!

Participation. Each family needs to have an act for entry into both categories (adult and youth) of the talent competition and a dessert for the dessert competition. So make sure you all are thinking who and what that will be.

The following are Committees and Descriptions that need volunteer assistance:

Registration Committee: The primary purpose of the registration committee is to insure the registration process runs smoothly. It is the most visible of functions, and the first that the attendee encounters. Therefore,it is imperative that registration be efficient, orderly and friendly, as it tends to set the tone for the reunion.

A second and very important function of the registration process is to give accurate and up-todate information on anticipated attendance at all the social functions that will take place at the reunion. The Local Arrangements Committee depends heavily on the Registration Committee for its food and beverage guarantees for all the social functions. The Finance Committee also depends on the numbers and projections of the Registration Committee to make forecasts and adjustments to the budget, if necessary.

A third purpose of the registration function is to gather data on the attendees for future use. The information is used for member solicitation purposes and future reunion mailings. Future reunion committees use statistics on registration patterns.

Specific Duties: (1) Account for all advance registration, record data in convenient form, remit all funds to Conference Treasurer in the following categories; (Advance Registration, Luncheons, Banquets, Inspection Trips, etc.). A tally of each category in terms of numbers of persons, as well as dollars, should be kept. (2) Coordinate routing and confirmation of hotel reservations with the Hospitality Chair or directly with hotel management; (3) Prepare name badges for inclusion with registration packages provided for each advance registrant, along with appropriate banquet and luncheon tickets; (4) Confirm registration space requirements, including desired number of chairs and tables; (5) Provide for necessary supplies for registration desk, including blank badges, badges and ribbons for committee and staff members, programs and standard desk items (pencils, paper clips, staples, envelopes, message pads and cash receipt forms); (6) Develop detailed plan of action for entire registration procedure at the conference covering the following:

a. Provision should be made for at least one registration team to be available each evening of the reunion in order to process registrants; b. Separate provisions should be made to process advance registrants in order to minimize waiting time; c. The assignment of a Cashier to registration table should be confirmed with the Treasurer. The Cashier's responsibilities is to make up individual cash boxes with adequate small change for each registration team member, to check cash boxes in and out to Treasurer, to disburse petty cash on the authority of the Treasurer and to keep accurate current financial records of each account; d. Provision for processing on-site registration, badges, messages, assignment lists of relief personnel; arrangements for messenger service.

Entertainment/Activities Committee: This committee is responsible for deciding and obtaining entertainment possibilities for the reunion. This includes all functions that are a part of the reunion event.

Should work with Planning Committee to plan and organize the entertainment program for all reunions. This will include designating volunteers to coordinate children activities, youth activities, and adult activities; prepare the entertainment budget; schedule Entertainment Committee meetings as needed; arrange for the hiring of bands, entertainers etc.; to ensure the proper control of revenues from entertainment and that funds are turned in promptly; and special assignments.

All monies spent MUST be voted on and approved by the Planning Committee. Also, all contracts entered into MUST be signed by a Planning Committee member, preferably the Planning Committee Chair. If the Chair is not physically available to sign the contract, then the contract can be signed by the Vice Chair or Treasurer (in that order).

Hospitality/Food Committee: Order and arrange pick up or delivery of all reunion meals for family; responsible for icing drinks (water, pop) and loading of ice chests for drinks; responsible for providing food and drinks at all reunion activities; decide to have catered or do it yourself; contact caterers and compare prices; if not catered, be prepared to compile purchase grocery list and shop; prepare food/menu (i.e. cutlery, paper goods, cups, aluminum foil) at all family functions; maintain list of family volunteers to assist with activities and duties related to hospitality and food service; located lodging for out of town guests (negotiate favorable rates); ensure everyone has a place to stay and is fed; ensure "elders" are served and satisfied.

Communications Committee: Responsible for disseminating information regarding family reunion to all family members; maintain a current list of family members names and addresses; maintain list of (1) clan representative in each clan to stay abreast of family news and submit photos, family news and information to website host for website maintenance; provide telephone communication with the reunion planning/registration/hospitality committee to ensure family reunion information is current and accurate; communicate with all area captains to ensure all family members have reunion information in timely fashion; and maintain list of family volunteers to assist as needed with communications.

Set Up/Clean Up Committee: Set-up tables, chairs, grills, etc.; ensure electrical outlets/cords, set up of music, microphones, sound, etc. is planned; assist hospitality/registration/planning committee with transport of any items needed at activity sites; responsible for organizing volunteers to clean up after each activity and to ensure that activity sites are cleaned; coordinate the maintenance of sites during events (i.e. garbage disposal); maintain list of volunteers to assist as needed.

Area Captain: Responsible for ensuring that family members in an assigned area have the current information regarding family reunion plans; maintain list of family in assigned area(s); maintain contact with family in assigned area(s) through mailouts, telephone, etc.

Scholarship Fund: Ensure Scholarship Registrants meet all set criteria regarding scholarship; evaluate essay entries based upon set criteria; coordinate fundraising activities to raise funds for scholarships; maintain list of eligible family members that may be interested in scholarship; submit scholarship activity plans to Planning Committee for consideration; list of family who will assist with the scholarship endeavor; maintain accurate records of fundraising activities and submit all monies to Treasurer; notify Treasurer upon the selection of scholarship awardee.

How would you like to participate?

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