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In 2006, Cousin James and I visited the legendary Sun Hollow where the Evans family spent many years of their lives. What a nostalgic journey it was -- remembering our youth, playing on the slate dumps and by the creek, walking up to Mr. Kinsler's to use the phone, going to Rising Sun Holiness Church, "Dude"....ahhhh, how time has changed the landscape of what we knew. Grass and trees have replaced the slate dumps, the power company has gated the area where Poppa's and Momma's house used to be. Left intact however, is the Rising Sun Baptist Church and the burial site of the second generation of our lineage.

As James put his truck in gear to ascend the steep hill country road toward the cemetery, I couldn't imagine how the undertaker could get the caskets up the hill. He explained how all cars would park at the bottom of the hill and the strength of the pallbearers would have to carry bodies up at least a 1/2 mile incline. Once we arrived at Sun Cemetery, the place where our ancestors are resting, we broke off branches to fan the flies, gnats and bugs away. Surprisingly, some upkeep has been done and the headmarkers were visible enough for us to read and see where our family is buried.

What an experience! Memories rushed to mind of all those who have passed and a since of melancholy came over me. How important it is for all of us to remember from whence we came. It was so much more evident to me that regardless of what others in my family may believe, think or feel about keeping connected with each other, it is up to me to do my part so that everyone remembers that the legacy from which we were birthed is one worth keeping alive!

M. Darlene Carson (Doll)

Papa Edgar and Mama Ida's Grave Markers

Uncle Louis (2nd Eldest of Momma & Poppa)

and Marie Evans (1st Born of Uncle Herman)

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